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Adult TV Channels Giving Way to Live Sex Cams

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Remember the days of watching x rated tv channels late at night or ordering Pay Per View Porn? The fact is people are now using their smart TV monitors and streaming live sex webcam shows instead. To illustrate this phenomenon we took a sampling of 10,000 users across 5 of the top adult video chat sites and identified how each were watching porn. As we suspected few people these days even consider adult tv channels because inferior value. The fact is buying adult movies or getting an on-demand porn movie via pay per view will cost you on average $10.00. While you can stream a live sex cam show to your big screen smart TV set and actually have a 2 way webcam show with a model for near the same cost. Otherwise, if you prefer not to allow the model to see you, you can just login and stream the show to your smart tv and type in you desires and the live sex cams performer will do as you wish.

Likewise, it should also be noted that many people who are not even horny, but just bored also do frequent cam sites for human-to-human interaction. Heading into 2017 we felt like it was time to illuminate others on the statistics we compiled which show using a webcam and a living room smart tv for sex chat is a growing habit of adults.

Breakdown of Live Sex Shows by Device Type

Desktop, tablet, laptop, mobile phone, and SMART TV

TV video chat for adults is not just a fad…it’s coming!

Get ready for LIVE SEX TV! Smart TV video chat for adults is on the rise in just the last few years. As a matter of fact in as few as 3 years ago live sex webcams sites and TV monitors were hardly ever used as one device together to stream live tv sex. That is changing and changing fast according to our statistics. Remember to check out the Adult TV Guide as well!

Live Sex Show on TV (Share By Device)

We look at the use of live sex cams via smart tv and the growth in users viewing live sex on smart tv's. Chart shows desktop, tablet, laptop, mobile phone, and SMART TV use. Note what many call Adult Webcam TV is on the rise!
Site or as we call them ChannelsSMART TVdesktoptabletmobile phone
LiveJasmin Try on a Smart TV 10%66%6%18%
Streamate Try on a Smart TV 12%59%9%20%
ImLive Try on a Smart TV 13%54%14%29%
Flirt4Free Try on a Smart TV 15%59%9%17%
Chaturbate Try on a Smart TV 4%83%6%7%
BongaCams Try on a Smart TV 7%64%13%13%

Here is the raw data we had to work with. We took 2 years traffic as an operator of an adult webcams site on 3 different platforms then we broke down the growth of the share of users using adult video chat or sex cams via their TV monitors. This is really a simple process that you don’t need to be a wiz to figure out. You simply buy a keyboard, mouse, and webcam and connect these to your living room smart tv. Then you navigate to any of these adult webcams site and click, ‘join’. From there all the different sex chat cam sites show you the way. Next thing you know you have discovered the future of adult webcam tv which is nothing more than adult video chat on your TV. The coolest part is that literally like a tv show you can broadcast yourself and make money as a performer or pay a few bucks and video chat 2 way with any of thousands of naked women on webcams (or men) from all corners of the world. And yes, their are performers that speak just about every language on the planet.

I think we can all agree that video chat is the future and even the present. Chat for adults consumes more hours than most other other types of chat site and there is now over an estimated 50 million people worldwide that use adult chat webcam sites each month. TV video chat for adults is the final big step in adoption to get the best possible experience. First one must realize that the appliance we call a TV is nothing more than a monitor in the living room. The differences are what is feeding into this TV set or monitor. Surely many millions will always have cable TV but far more will use sites like YouTube and thousands of other online entertainment websites. A large percentage of us already have internet to our smart TV sets. However, more and more of us will be using adult webcams in the form of live and interactive adult tv, or what we call Adult Webcam TV!

Give it a try!


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